Airlines plan major smartphone investment



Airlines plan major smartphone investment
Passengers will be able to download content for their flight, including books and films, from airport media kiosks in the near future.

Research by SITA shows that almost one-quarter of airlines (22%) will offer such a service by 2018.
And, by the end of 2018, the majority of airlines (66%) will offer wireless internet and multi-media services on passenger devices, giving passengers greater ability to choose their own in-flight relaxation and entertainment, according to SITA’s Airline IT Trends Survey

Also in its infancy is a ‘virtual concierge’ for passengers, delivering airport shopping to gates and lounges. Around one in five airlines plans to introduce such a service over the next three years, which 82% of airlines will invest in improving personalization, with over 75% of airlines planning major programs to deliver passenger services through smartphones in the next three years.

By 2018, over five times as many airlines (67%) will offer a highly personalized smartphone booking experience compared to today.

While the traditional airport desk will remain the single most used check-in channel through to 2018, mobile devices will overtake web check-in as the number two choice with 24% of passengers using a mobile device compared to 20% checking in on a laptop or desktop.

Automatic check-in is also set to more than double over the next three years. Today 22% of airlines use the system to check in 4% of passengers.

By 2018, 68% of carriers will have automatic check-in on some routes with 10% of passengers expected to use it.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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