The Smell of Romance- Jasmine
The Smell of Romance- Jasmine

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There’s definitely something in the air atSandals Resorts!

Imagine it: You and the love of your life  decide to take a slow, romantic stroll through the gardens at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Hand in hand, together you set off down the winding path leading through the flora admiring the bold fuchsia of the Ginger Lilies against the lush greens . The sun has set in a blaze of glory leaving the sky painted with  traces of indigo and orange with a faint twinkling in the background; a promise of the starry night to come. Enjoying each other’s company, you both walk by a trickling pond shaded by a large olive tree. As a gentle summer breeze brushes off the Caribbean sea and rustles through its leaves, you inhale an almost intoxicating fragrance that enchants you both. You can’t quite describe it but as the air is heavy with the perfume of this magic, your lover pulls you closer and rests a gentle kiss on your lips. Let the honeymoon officially begin.

There’s something in the air at Sandals Resorts that brings out the purest form of love and romance in everyone and it’s definitely not by chance! Anyone who frequents the West Indies is familiar with the sweet and romantic fragrance of  Night Blooming Jasmine. This evergreen shrub is not always an easy one to spot as it’s not particularly showy. As a matter of fact, during the day you may miss it all together. Once the sun sets, however, the shy white blossoms burst to life in the warm Caribbean air and emit their irresistible love potion! That’s why the love experts at Sandals Resorts purposely plant Night Blooming Jasmine throughout all of the properties to enhance your romantic experience! There’s nothing like feeling of walking through a Caribbean garden at night to entrance all five senses.


During the day, the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Bahamas or the gem-like allure of Jamaica’s beaches steal the show. It’s easy to be amazed by Les Pitons of St. Lucia and the colourful underwater world of Antigua and Grenada. The night-time belongs to the beautiful gardens of Sandals Resorts, whether they’re as vast and trance-like asSandals Grande Antigua or intimate yet full of life as Sandals Montego Bay. When we say each Sandals Resort was crafted specially for two people in love, we mean it; even down to the last detail. That’s the closer your look difference!

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